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An introductory


60 Minutes
A one hour session will allow you a taste of what an aMandala massage is like.  Blood flow is stimulated through your tissues and your endocrine system releases natural endorphins that help you feel stress relief along with feeling restful and reinvigorated.

A parasympathetic


90 Minutes
In this one and a half hour session, your body will begin to awaken to its own healing potential. After you receive relief from specific target areas of pain and discomfort (the ones that are calling to you), you will be more able to enter into a meditative state, which allows the parasympathetic state to set in as your muscles relax, your brain goes into alpha waves, and your levels of the feel-good endorphin dopamine are increased.



120 Minutes
This two-hour massage session is intricately adapted to suit your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  In addition to being able to work from a variety of angles your area experiencing pain, it allows the time for more Ayurveda reflexology of the hands and feet as well detailed work with the neck, face and head. This leaves you with the benefits of a much improved immune, neurological, endocrinological, and muscular-fascia system as well as a deep meditation with the divine self.

Chair Massage


120 Min. Minimum
Special rates available
Are you creating a conference? crafting a weekend event? cultivating a positive and more productive environment in your office? We welcome appointments to offer chair massage on site as a treat for employees and coworkers in your office or as a delight for your customers at your restaurant or store.

aMandala massage is based on a mixture of Thai and connective tissue focusing on the fascia and the parasympathetic nervous system. It relies on pressure of it relies on compression and holds and flow stillness and flow and and listening allowing the muscles emotional states and the whole body to speak in its tone and it's way that the therapist can perceive through cutaneous sentencing or touch as well as intuitive sensing or a sense of feel. The intuitive aspect is the most important for this kind of massage. It does not rely upon structured segments or specific poses or techniques instead it relies on a dance. The therapist is part of the dance and guides the dance but in so far as she listens through her entire being to the other body. And by body I'm referring to the physiological body muscles there and how they respond to touch and how those are connected to the nervous system and endocrine system the limbic system the circulation system and much more how the how the physiological systems are connected to emotional states of being in the spiritual states being and how when we can listen to all of these interconnected states we can offer a massage that helps relieve physical pain as well as end understand and release emotional and spiritual states of mind connect into what are patterns are what are in minded body is asking for. It's not pressure, it's presence. Attention a state of mind body connection with yourself yoga uniting with another.



Chair Massage at Farmers Market
111 E University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601
Every Wednesday 4-7 pm

At Chance Chiropractic
1240 NW 11th Ave. Gainesville, FL 32609
By appointment

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